Bucky The Beaver!

The Epp family was out on an adventurer at Buck Creek in Huston, BC, when they came across an orphaned baby beaver who was caught in a snare trap.   Being the caring family that they are, they rescued the infant beaver and brought him home to Abbotsford.  On the journey home, Tim Epp came up with the name Bucky for the young orphan. Over the next several months Bucky’s health and strength improved; it was time to release Bucky back to the wild. The family took him to a near-by creek where the young beaver looked very happy frolicking in the water. Bucky was now safe in his new home.  Later that night however, Tim looked out the kitchen window and was shocked to see that Bucky had returned.  After a family meeting it was decided Bucky would become a permanent member of the family. Since he loved children and adventure so much he was given the role of good will ambassador for Fraserway RV. He now tours the provinces throughout the year visiting Fraserway RV dealerships or attending various events and festivals; always encouraging people to go out and have an adventure in Canada. Wherever people are gathered and good times are being had look for Bucky the Beaver. 

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About Fraserway RV.

Since 1969 Fraserway RV has expanded from a small local business to the largest nationally recognized full-service RV dealership in Canada.  Currently Fraserway boasts 7 locations Coast to Coast with an extensive selection of sales inventory to match your lifestyle, over 900 rental units for your driving adventures, extensive RV parts and camping accessories and top notch service departments to maintain your investment.

The Fraserway RV team is 100% committed to customer satisfaction and takes pride in providing each and every customer with superior customer service, unbeatable pricing and extensive selection. As a customer you can feel confident in choosing Fraserway RV for all your RV needs.

So whether it’s helping you purchase your dream RV, vacationing with an RV Rental, finding that perfect camping accessory or even performing regular maintenance, Fraserway RV is THE place for Everything RV Coast to Coast.

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